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a digital festival for artistic growth and creative collaboration

in times of separation.


Shut In Dance Film Fest has curated a roster of master artists

to offer educational resources as well as creative inspiration.

Our educational resources are FREE video tutorials providing tips and tricks

for creating cinema quality dance films from home and on a budget.

For inspiration, our team of Creative Directors have each provided

a directive to spark your creativity.  


To contribute to the festival, film a short video based on these directives

(that follows our guidelines for submission) and submit to be considered for our final projects.  

The final projects will be designed by our Creative Directors, based on selected submissions, and edited together by our team,

resulting in original dance films, made in collaboration, while apart.



"SHUT IN DANCE FILM FEST’s mission is to continue new artistic partnerships in a time of separation. This is a wonderful way for dancers/actors/musicians from all over the world to transcend geographical barriers and work together as a result of the limitations posed by the shelter in place restraints. Making dance films of quality is important so that our time here, in this quarantine, does not feel like a space holder but an opportunity to grow as an art form.  As an artist and an educator it is important to me see our community take new information and create meaningful and inspired art. In this dance Film Fest we are doing just that! ” 

- Nicole Berger, Festival Director

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